ALC Staff Members

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Marc Kay                     Administrator

Rebecca Hockridge         Counselor
Michelle Primo                  Counselor
Gail Clor                               Educational Consultant
Lynn Fonacier                   Social Worker
Kathleen Bungart             Speech Pathologist
Darlene Schultz                 Teacher Consultant

Cheryl Lyons                       Daytime Program Administrative Assistant
Linda Buckley                      Afternoon Program Clerical 

Janet Pollizzi Kulka           Daytime Program English Teacher
Susan Stephens                Daytime Program English Teacher
Altin Zaloshjna                  Daytime Program Social Studies Teacher
Sophia Kalliantasis           Daytime Program Electives Teacher
Robert Goralczyk              Daytime Program Social Studies Instructional Aide and AP Government Teacher
Jemaine Dixon                   Daytime Program Math Instructional Aide
Cathy Volpe                        Daytime Program Science Teacher
Jennifer Bittas                   Daytime Program Science Instructional Aide
Dawn Webster                  Daytime Program Science Instructional Aide

Olta Canko                          Daytime and Afternoon Program Math Teacher
Sondra McCarthy              Daytime and Afternoon Program Math Instructional Aide

Hans Wittrock                    Afternoon Program English Teacher
Madison Ristovski            Afternoon Program English Teacher
Curtis Davis                         Afternoon Program Science Teacher
Carrie Basil                          Afternoon Program Science Instructional Aide